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Engine VM 133MK

Light aircraft engine for Microlight and light (experimental) sport aircraft. The Verner VM 133MK engine is a new model developed by Verner Motor Company in the Czech Republic, on the basis of the experience gained from the production of the first model, Verner 1400.

Engine VM 133MK The engine is supplied with carburettors, air filters, oil hoses and clamp, voltage regulator/rectifier and low battery charge warning light, low oil pressure sensor and warning light, and basic tools for ordinary maintenance.

To operate the engine the following minimum instruments and components are needed. These are not normally supplied with the engine, only on request: oil cooler, exhaust pipes with silencer, engine rubber shock mounts, electric tachometer, dual CHT gauge with sensors, and oil temperature gauge with sensor.

Main features of this engine:
  • Four stroke piston engine
  • 2 cylinder horizontal opposed Boxer
  • Chain driven OHC operated four valves per cylinder
  • Air cooled
  • Fed by 2 carburettors BING 64
  • Wet lubrication system is sump type with oil pump and oil filter auto-motive type. An oil cooler is normally installed
  • Engine case cast in magnesium alloy
  • Reduction gear box with teethed steel gears oiled from the motor oil
  • A torsional vibration absorber (clutch type) is mounted in the reduction gear box
  • The propeller's shaft is bored out alongside (for e.g. To permit the use of an in flight variable pitch prop.)
  • Electronic ignition system CDI breakerless double type (with 2 spark plugs per cylinder
  • Variable ignition timing driven from an ECU, fed from a magneto-alternator with battery charging system 12 V/160 W
  • Electric starter
  • Mechanical driven fuel pump
  • Crank-shaft and con-rods mounted on sliding bearings (automotive type, VW, Mercedes)
  • Light dry weight only 61 kg (without exhaust pipe and oil cooler)
  • TBO 1000 hours

Engine VM 133MK Each engine is tested and tuned at the factory during 2 hours total running time, therefore no "breaking in" period is required. The manu-facturer reserves the right to make changes and improvements to the design of the engine at any time and without prior notice. Check for the continued validity of the information available from this brochure before placing your order for an engine.